Ferry to Germany

In 2005 the Harwich to Cuxhaven ferry was closed, which meant that the UK no longer had any ferries sailing to anywhere in Germany. It was DFDS Seaways who last operated that German route and it is the Danish ferry operator that offers you the most direct replacement.

Ferry to Flensburg


DFDS sail from Harwich to Esbjerg in Denmark, which is just 75 miles from Flensburg in Germany, which you can reach in about 90 minutes by car. Flensburg is the nearest significant town to Denmark, but you can also reach the major city of Hamburg within a 3 hour drive from docking in Esbjerg.

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  • Car & 2 passengers from £254
  • Foot passengers from £62
Ferry to Ribe


The closing of all the direct ferries to Germany does not have to be a bad thing, if you choose to gtake the ferry from Harwich to Esbjerg then you have the chance to visit some beautiful towns in Denmark and Germany that few people ever get the chnace to.

Although Flensburg is just 75 mile from Esbjerg the quickest driving route is actually 90 miles on the Danish motorways and it takes you first east across Denmark to the Kolding and then south to Germany. If however you would like a shorter more direct route (which takes a little longer to drive) you can take the south east road which takes you through the medieval town of Ribe, Denmark’s oldest town.

Ribe celebrated its 1300th anniversary in 2010, the well-preserved medieval town centre features charming half-timbered houses, cobbled streets and a Cathedral forming a magnificent central point. Walking through the winding streets is like stepping back in time.

If Hamburg is your final destination then on your way you will pass Kiel and Lübeck. Kiel which is home to the world’s largest sailing event and one  of Germany’s largest festivals the Kieler Woche. The entire center of the town is transformed into an international food and craft fair, with regular big name performers appearing nightly.

Lübeck’s main attraction is the UNESCO world heritage site, the medieval Altstadt. It is located on an island surrounded by the Trave river and channels, it offers an astonishing variety of different architectural styles. The streets of Lübeck are a delight for a connoisseur of architecture.